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Topic #3: What’s in Your Column: Irregular or Spherical?

For years, a robust debate about the merits of irregularly and spherically shaped column packings took place. While the dust has somewhat settled to a great extent, tell us what you think. Is spherical the preferred material of choice due to higher efficiency and better quality of separations? What about cost? Can you get equivalent efficiency with irregular material? Do you evaluate both during process development?

Our experts discuss the question, “What’s in Your Column: Irregular or Spherical?”

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Dr.Sanjay Poman
May 21st, 2012 on 12:18 am

For analytical separations in today’s world spherical particles are the preferred choice.
Analytical methods developed with irregular particles in the past facing common problems like batch to batch inconsistency,less column life,peak splitting etc. resulting into less acceptance in QC departments where production is the key factor.
Yes,on the other side methods demanding high viscous mobile phase,high overload
of sample are popular in chrom community.
It is better to strike a balance what is there in my column based on the demand of the analysis.

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