Hartmut Schlüter: Platform Technologies

Within our organization, platform technologies are well established in a number of areas including purification of recombinant proteins, crystallisation of proteins, and for X-ray crystallography. The platforms which we are currently using were developed during the past ten years by numerous experiments and by continuous optimization. Additional knowledge is continuously integrated in the platform technologies.

We have standardized on a number of process elements including affinity chromatography such as Ni-IMAC and analysis including SDS-PAGE and tryptic digestion of SDS bands, and mass spectrometry analysis for protein identification of product and impurities. Size exclusion chromatography is applied often as final purification step, if required.

We have published on screening for parameters for optimal protein purification by liquid chromatography and application of parameters determined by screening experiments for sample displacement batch chromatography.

The chromatographic steps following affinity chromatography are customized each time. Customization is achieved by rationale parameter screening.

Our use of platform technologies has evolved over the years. At the beginning of the platform development, the screening platform was established, followed by the integration of fast read out system for monitoring the screening results. Sample displacement batch chromatography based on rationale screening is the latest platform which we developed.

Through use of platform technologies we have seen that the purification process is much faster in comparison to former approaches. And there are no disadvantages because the screening platform provides a large degree of customization.